Honorary Artist Members

The Mountain Oyster Club developed the “Honorary Artist Member” designation for Club membership fifty years ago to recognize and reward outstanding participating Western Artists in the Club’s Annual Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale. Since the early 1970’s, over 90 renowned western artists have accepted the Club’s invitation to join the Mountain Oyster Club as an Honorary Artist Member for their lifetime and to have their work held in the Mountain Oyster Club’s exceptional permanent art collection, exhibited in perpetuity in the Club. Honorary Artist Members are held in the highest esteem by their fellow MO Club members.

Current List of MO Honorary Artist Members

Artist Members who have passed on

Don Crowley
Bruce Dines
Daro Flood
Dorothy Knapp
Tom Knapp
Jon Lightfoot
Thomas Lorimer
Cynthia Rigden
Ross Stefan
William Whitaker
Olaf Wieghorst
Mary Wyant