M.O. Art Sale Rules

1. The Mountain Oyster Club reserves the right to purchase any work of art in the show prior to the sale.

2. Entrance will be granted only to invited guest with paid reservations. No tickets will be sold at the door.

3. Art may be viewed from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Interested potential buyers may indicate their desire to purchase art by signing the card posted next to the art item, which carries the same catalog number.

4. Potential buyers who anticipate not being present during the drawing must leave a check for the piece and complete an “Intent to Purchase” form which accompanies the check, made payable to the artist. An “Intent to Purchase” form will be located with the cashiers. The check and “Intent to Purchase” form must be left with the designated cashier prior to the drawing.

5. At 5:30 p.m., a red line will be drawn after the last signature on each card posted for paintings, carvings, and single edition bronzes indicating those individuals who desire to purchase the piece. No signatures will be allowed after this red line procedure.

6. Once purchasers place their names on the card for a piece of art, they are obligated to buy that work of art if their name is chosen during the drawing or if it is the only name on the card. Your signature on the card constitutes intent to purchase.

7. We cannot accept credit cards. Checks must be payable to each artist(s) in the full amount quoted on the card. If you intend to purchase several pieces of art, please bring an adequate number of checks with you.

8. Please make sure that the card you sign correlates with the painting or bronze you wish to purchase. It is your responsibility to make sure that the card signed corresponds with the painting or bronze you wish to purchase.

9. Bronzes are usually available in several editions. In the case of multiple signatures on the card, the first name drawn will receive the edition that is on display. If you are to receive a bronze edition, it may take 60 to 90 days for the bronze to be cast. Subsequent drawings will be made until all editions are committed to signers. For this reason, please do not have friends or family sign on a piece to increase the odds of obtaining the piece. If you sign for a bronze and your name is drawn, you are obligated by the rules of the M.O. Art Show, to purchase that bronze.

10. Intents to purchase and purchases of additional bronze castings will require two checks made payable to the artist, each for half of the purchase price. If the buyer is selected to receive an edition, other than the one on display, one of the checks will be sent to the artist immediately. The other check will be sent to the artist when the edition is delivered to the Mountain Oyster Club. If two checks were left with an intent to purchase and the buyer is selected to receive the piece on display then both checks will be forwarded to the artist immediately.

11. If one wishes to purchase a work of art that has not been sold at 5:30 p.m. and the card does not have any signatures on it, or otherwise been red lined, please contact the nearest salesperson to initiate the purchase.

12. If two or more people have signed up for the same piece of art, the Art Committee will conduct a drawing of those above the red line to determine the buyer. At 5:30 p.m., following the ring of the bell, the Committee will conduct the drawing electronically or begin a tour through the show. With each piece that has more than one signature, a drawing will occur. The first name drawn will have the first right to the purchase. That person whose name is drawn must either be present at the drawing, have left a check made payable to the artist for the price of the piece and “Intent to Purchase”, or deliver a check made payable to the artist for the price of the piece to the appropriate cashier within FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES of having his or her name drawn. A second name will be drawn if neither the first person nor a check from that person is present. Additional names will be drawn, following this procedure, until a buyer is established. If only one person signs for a work of art, that purchaser must pay for the art between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m.

13. All checks and “Intent to Purchase” forms belonging to unsuccessful signers will be returned via U.S. Mail to their owners during the week following the show date.

14. If an art purchase is to be a surprise gift, please indicate to the salesperson serving you.

15. All purchased art will remain at the Mountain Oyster Club through the second week of January. Art can be picked up beginning after that time. Please call first to make arrangements and be sure to bring your receipt. At buyers request pieces may be shipped. Buyers will be billed for all shipping cost and handling fees.

16. All paintings are subject to movement during the show.

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