Raymond Gibby


Honorary Artist Member since 2019

The bronze-work of Raymond Gibby is both focused and varied in theme. Within the five galleries that carry Gibby’s work, his large portfolio of wildlife and some Native American subject matter are presented. Not wanting to be limited with his art, Gibby accepts many other commissioned projects from a variety of sources. He has sculpted for college campuses, collegiate trophy organizations, NASCAR and other racing organizations, for museums, cities, businesses, private parties, and even the movie industry.

Gibby grew up in the foothills outside of Riverside, CA. As a child, he developed a love of the outdoors and wildlife. While young, his family hosted a foster Navajo girl seeking better education off the reservation. She helped him develop a love for wildlife and for Native cultures at a young age. Even today she calls him her little brother. From that time Gibby has spent his free time creating art that is meant to honor wildlife and Native culture.

One defining moment in Gibby’s career came in 2009 when his foundry and art studio burned down. He felt his life-long pursuit was over, having lost most of the molds that made up his portfolio. He had no product to sell. But his clientele came through asking for his next piece of artwork. Family and friends pitched in with labor, money, and love to rebuild. His perspective on life and his art was forever changed.

Gibby enjoys the adventure of raising seven children with his lovely wife, Aimee, in Spanish Fork, Utah. He expresses, “They are the center of my world, and my driving inspiration for creating beautiful art.” His children are his biggest fans and most brutal art critics. Aimee is ever supportive and encouraging. His favorite activity is to spend time with his family in nature.

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