Buckeye Blake


Honorary Artist Member since 1988

Blake’s experience as a working cowboy gives him first-hand knowledge of western subjects. His great grandfather was a pioneer breeder of quarter horses, and Buckeye grew up traveling the rodeo circuit with his father. His paintings and bronzes exhibit a fanciful, graphic style mixed with a taste for pop culture interpretations of western figures. Referring to a favorite theme of his paintings Buckeye says “…a traditional western theme, the bucking horse and rider in front of a duel landscape creates movement through two moods of the west. Borders with a touch of metallics instill an updated contemporary feel of yesteryear and today.”

Blake is an eclectic artist who has created labels, posters, silk scarves, furniture, posters and china. He lives in Texas with his wife, Tona, where they raise quarter horses.

Artwork to be Showcased