Club Policies

House Rules

Policies in effect to comply with COVID 19 restrictions:

1. Reservations will be REQUIRED, both for lunch and dinner. The government has not imposed restrictions on occupancy but stated that we are to adjust our occupancy to a degree under which we can maintain appropriate distancing. The dining room and bar tables have been rearranged to that effect, leaving the club with diminished seating capacity. We will be limited to 50 to 60 members and guests per meal period. Groups will be limited in size to 8 or fewer. This is to maintain appropriate occupancy for everyone’s safety and to comply with county regulations. We ask for your patience and understanding.

2. You and your guests may be asked to sign in on arrival, with your name and verification that you are healthy. Most importantly, if you or your guests are sick, STAY HOME. If you or your guests appear to be sick, you may be asked questions regarding your health, be asked to have your temperature taken, and possibly asked to leave. Please do not put yourselves or staff in that position and stay home if you are sick. If you have been sick, CDC guidelines recommend staying home for 72 hours after symptoms disappear. Please do so. Staff is going must undergo health screening at the start of their shift, and members and guests will be asked about their health when they arrive at the club. Initially, screening will consist of signing in and signing a statement the fact that you have no COVID like symptoms. Temperature screening might be implemented if proper equipment can be obtained. Supplies are on order but have been repeatedly delayed. This is for the safety of our community. Please understand.

3. Congregating in the lobby, bar or other close quarters of the club will be prohibited. Please pay attention to signage and markings on the floor in order to comply.

4. The menu will be presented on the white board at lunch and as a disposable paper menu at dinner. Tabletop items, such as place settings, glassware, etc., will be brought to your table upon arrival to ensure sanitation. Our menu will be limited to what our supply chain allows for the next few weeks and will have fewer items. With potentially limited staff, and limited supply of our usual items, please understand if we are not able to accommodate as many special requests.

5. Please take note of new signage around the club. These new procedures are for everyone’s safety and we ask for your understanding. You will notice tape on the floor, indicating 6-foot increments to help in social distancing. Congregating in small areas will be discouraged. Areas where staff prepare items for members and guests, such as the bar, will have marked areas to designated appropriate distancing.

6. No physical contact with staff is allowed (no shaking hands, hugs, etc.)

7. Staff is receiving additional food safety training and you can expect to see staff wearing masks in the dining room, as well as gloves. Sanitation procedures are being updated to the latest guidelines and will change what you see in the dining room. Please bear with us, as our efforts are intended to ensure everyone’s safety. This includes sanitization procedures after a group leaves a table, as well as periodic sanitization of frequently touched surfaces in both staff and member areas.

8. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the club. Hands free openers have been installed in the restrooms, so doors can be opened with an arm, rather than your hands.

9. Staff will keep sanitization logs and they will be made available to you here on the website, and upon request on site.  The first sanitization log is being created and will be posted once some time has elapsed.


Please make reservations. If we do not know you are coming it is difficult to be prepared and you may not get the excellent, timely service you deserve and expect. Reservations may be made at (520) 623-3417 or

Reservations for Club parties may be canceled without charge up until 48 hours before the party. If reservations are canceled less than 48 hours in advance, the cost of the function will be charged to the member’s account.

Use of Private Dining Rooms:

The private rooms of the Mountain Oyster Club may be reserved for private use for meetings, lunch or dinner groups, up to their capacities. There is a charge for the use of a private dining room. Private rooms can accommodate as few as 2 or as many as 125.

Reservations for private parties may be canceled without charge up until 30 days prior to the party. Parties canceled less than 30 days before the scheduled date will result in a fee of $10 per person.

Dress Code:

Western wear is always appropriate, coats and ties are never required. However, extremes in dress should be avoided out of respect for your fellow members and the traditions of the Club. Hats and caps are not allowed in the dining rooms.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not allowed inside the Club. Smoking is allowed on the patio. By state ordinance, smokers must be 20 feet from all building entrances and exits including tenant offices.

Alcohol Consumption:

All Club employees are directed to follow the Arizona laws concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Employees are directed to refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated and to make every reasonable effort to avoid serving persons to the point of intoxication. When persons appear to be intoxicated employees are instructed to urge them to allow someone else to drive and/or offer to call a taxi for them.

The financial risk to the Club may be enormous if a member or guest in involved in an accident while intoxicated following liquor service at the Club. Our liquor policy puts the Club staff in a very difficult position and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Package Goods:

None. The Club’s liquor license does not permit the sale of liquor for consumption off premises. An unfinished bottle of wine that has been served with a meal and is re-corked so that the cork is flush with the bottle lip may be taken home when carried in the furthest back seat of a vehicle. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Club other than through a licensed liquor distributor.

Reciprocal Clubs:

We have many reciprocal clubs which you may wish to visit when traveling to another city or country. Please ask the Maitre d’ for the current list and obtain a card of introduction before visiting a reciprocal club. They will allow you the use of their facilities only with a card of introduction. For more information on the Reciprocal Club, click here.

Cash Sales:

The Club handles no cash sales. All charges are billed to a member’s account.


Tips are welcome but not required. Members or their guests may tip cash or write in an additional tip on the chit. Members may instead (or also) choose to contribute to the annual bonus fund each year from which most employees receive a holiday bonus.

House Charge:

A house charge of 20% will be added to all chits. One fourth of the house charges collected will be distributed to Dining Room, Bar and Kitchen Staff as of November 1, 2020. The remainder of the house charge is retained by the Club to offset the cost of maintaining staff. The house charge is not a gratuity.

Cellular Telephones:

To preserve member’s peaceful enjoyment of the Club audible pagers and cellular telephones are banned. Any member who allows a cellular phone to ring on Club premises will be required to buy the house a round of drinks. Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with all house rules and will accordingly be penalized if a guest’s phone rings.