Club Policies

House Rules

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Please make reservations. If we do not know you are coming it is difficult to be prepared and you may not get the excellent, timely service you deserve and expect. Reservations may be made at (520) 623-3417 or When making reservations via email, please do so at least 12 hours in advance to ensure receipt of your message. To make reservations less than 12 hours in advance, please call the club at (520) 623-3417.


Our employees receive a base wage, the balance of their income comes from tips. Customary tipping rules will apply. Members or their guests will have the opportunity write in a tip on the chit. The servers share the tips with the bartenders, hostess and bussers.

Dress Code:

Western wear is always appropriate, coats and ties are never required. However, extremes in dress should be avoided out of respect for your fellow members and the traditions of the Club. Hats and caps are not allowed in the dining rooms.

Cellular Telephones:

The club has a NO cell phone policy. If you or your guest’s cell phone rings inside the club, you will have the pleasure of buying the house a round of drinks. Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with this policy. Audible media is also prohibited. You are free to use your phone on the patio.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not allowed inside the Club. Smoking is allowed on the patio. By state ordinance, smokers must be 20 feet from all building entrances and exits including tenant offices.

Alcohol Consumption:

All Club employees are directed to follow the Arizona laws concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Employees are directed to refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated and to make every reasonable effort to avoid serving persons to the point of intoxication. When persons appear to be intoxicated employees are instructed to urge them to allow someone else to drive and/or offer to call a taxi for them.
The financial risk to the Club may be enormous if a member or guest in involved in an accident while intoxicated following liquor service at the Club. Our liquor policy puts the Club staff in a very difficult position, and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Cash Sales:

The Club handles no cash sales. All charges are billed to a member’s account.

Package Goods:

The Club’s liquor license does not permit the sale of liquor for consumption off premises. An unfinished bottle of wine that has been served with a meal and is re-corked so that the cork is flush with the bottle lip may be taken home when carried in the furthest back seat of a vehicle. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Club other than through a licensed liquor distributor.