Chauncey Homer


Honorary Artist Member since 2011

Born and raised in Northwestern New Mexico, Chauncey Homer grew up in a rural environment where elements of the Old West still prevailed. Raised in a close-knit family, Chauncey’s boyhood chores included helping with the garden and the animals. He developed a love for drawing at a young age and used western comic books, such as The Rawhide Kid and The Two-Gun Kid, as references for his sketches.

During his years of study in the mid-1990s, he graduated from the Art Center of Tucson and worked as a graphic artist for a gift manufacturer in Tucson, eventually becoming the creative director. He credits studying with Ron Riddick for teaching him to rely on sound principles versus technique, which has been critical in the development of Chauncey’s style thus far. The rural Western environment and a passion for getting the details right lead him to an artistic style that, although it is still evolving, can be described as a blend of realism and impressionism.

Artwork to be Showcased