Jonathan Shirey


“I believe that humanity is meant to experience joy at the deepest levels, and for me some evidence is found in our senses. If we were just meant to live simply as functional beings, then why are there unnecessary extras like color and music? Why do we find pleasure in a sunset or a kiss? This sense of hidden yet discoverable wonder drives me to paint. There is beauty and joy to be found when we look around us.
The natural beauty of the earth is my first love. I receive solace outdoors in holy moments of elusive silence with the wind in my face. I am painfully aware that the noise, pace, and clutter of modern life can isolate us from the experiences of peace, serenity, and humility that come to us when we regard the majesty of our planet. I love to showcase and highlight our environment through landscape, still life, and wildlife art.”

While in high school, Jonathan received state and local recognition for his painting. However, he followed other pursuits and dropped art for nearly 20 years most of which was spent living outside the United States.

Over the past two decades, Jonathan has visited nearly 40 countries. He and his family have lived in Turkey, Jordan, and Israel for more than 10 years. Additionally, he has spent significant time in Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Though Jonathan wasn’t painting, he took many thousands of photos on his travels. These and other experiences inform his art today.

Jonathan’s first love in paint was watercolor, but, today, Jonathan works in both watercolor and oil.
In university, Jonathan earned a BA in English Literature and an MA in Spiritual Formation. He and his wife, Corrie, have four children. Jonathan’s other interests include travel, literature, hiking, scuba diving, finger-style guitar, Atlanta Braves baseball, and Alabama sports.
Desert Dainty was awarded Outstanding Watercolor in the April 2023 BoldBrush Competition.
Desert Dainty was awarded 2nd Place Water Media in Scottsdale Artists’ School 2023 Best & Brightest.
South Mountain Glow was awarded Honorable Mention Oil in Scottsdale Artists’ School 2023 Best & Brightest.
Octet and a Solo was awarded Outstanding Watercolor in the January 2022 BoldBrush Competition.
Octet and a Solo received 2nd Place Watermedia and People’s Choice Award in Scottsdale Artists’ School 2022 Best & Brightest Exhibition.

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