Darrell L. Sheppard


“My inspirations are the color, light and textures in the desert and the high country of the Southwest. I’ve been bumping around in this country for 40 years – hiking and hunting – and I’m always astonished at the penetrating, crystal light. I’m trying to capture a moment of that light – and the texture of the rocks, the clouds, the mountains and the plants. I’m also drawn to the stark contrast between the bright light and the strong shadows in the desert. My work has been described as graphic and representational – I want people who know and love the Sonoran Desert to feel at home with my paintings. Because I’m trying to capture a moment, I’m trying to combine an element of impressionism with the graphic realism. The luxury, abundance and resilience of the plants, and the rocks and skies of Arizona continue to inspire me.” Sheppard’s artwork was chosen for exhibit at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum gallery four years running, and in 2017 and ‘18 at the Mountain Oyster Club. His work is exhibited in several public spaces in Mesa, Arizona.

Artwork to be Showcased