Kim Seyesnem Obrzut


Kim has been casting bronze for over 34 years and is one of the first Hopi women to work in bronze. Her grandfather was a Kachina carver and also one of her best educators. She originally worked in the traditional scrape and smooth method, of which Hopi potters have used for thousands of years. Kim’s degree from Northern Arizona University in fine arts, sculpture and bronze casting has become a personal satisfaction for her arts career.
“I now think back to my childhood and being with my grandfather, and how he was persistent in quality and traditional accuracy in how he carved dolls, and these beliefs still influence me today. Not only do my sculptures reflect the history of the Hopi people, they transcend the traditions of an ancient people into an ancient art form of bronze. I am trying to capture a moment in time of my people, and have it remembered for many generations to come.”
Kim has been featured in many national magazine articles and her works have been published in various books on Southwest Art. She has won numerous awards in Art and Sculpture shows and also in several Museums across the country.

Artwork to be Showcased

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