Mejo Okon


Mejo Okon has been creating art since she could hold a pencil and crayon. At the age of four, she was drawing horses.

She is a painter known for her use of color and light. After earning a BFA from Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University, she embarked on a professional art career as an illustrator, graphic designer, and quick sketch artist for high profile courtroom trials. In 2004 she made the switch to full-time painting and moved straight into the heart of ranching country. Since settling first in West Texas and then in New Mexico, she has found endless inspiration in the animals, cowboys, ranches and the landscape. But then again, she has always loved horses and animals.

“I grew up when cowboys were popular on television. I still have the cowboy boots I wore when I was three years old and my old cap guns hang in my studio.”

Her work continues to gain recognition as she receives awards and appears in national publications. She has participated in national juried shows including the Women Artists of the West, The Bosque, American Women Artists, American Plains Artists, and the Oil Painters of America’s National Exhibitions. In 2018 she will participate in Cowgirl Up! in Wickenberg, Arizona. She lives and works near Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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