Will Ersland


With a university art degree in hand, Ersland was hired as an illustrator at a large studio where he worked for ten years. He then freelanced for several years with representation in New York and Chicago and honed his academic drawing and painting skills even further. In the past decade Ersland has focused purely on the fine art of the Old West and Equine Sports. He divides up his working day between gallery paintings, his family and his sport horse Ike. His Western Paintings have been featured for the past thirteen years in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Spirit Art Show, winning “Best in Show” in 2018, “Best Acrylic” in 2016 and 2012 and “Best Miniature” in 2013. Ersland took home a “Best of the West”Blue Ribbon and a “Best of the Wild Horse” 2nd place Ribbon in the Rock Springs Wild Horse Art Show in 2011. His work has also been regularly exhibited at March in Montana, The Mountain Oyster Art Show in Tucson, AZ, and the American Plains Artists show in Texas.

Artwork to be Showcased