Edward DuRose


Ed DuRose hails from St., Paul Minnesota, but with a heart in the Rocky Mountain West, he travels to Montana and its neighboring states each year for inspiration and the pure enjoyment of experiencing nature at its finest. Ed’s grandparents introduced him to art at very young age as a way to portray his experiences in nature. Just as his fascination with nature goes as far back as Ed can remember, so does his love of art.

Ed holds BFA in Art from University of St. Thomas and has worked as a graphic designer along with painting wildlife and landscapes in the Rocky Mountain West and in Northern Minnesota. His art subjects vary like wildlife itself: the majesty of mountains and elk. The vast colors of simple river rocks slanting light on a river, hummingbirds hovering over columbine, ducks on the wing to swans in the morning mist.

Ed DuRose’s artwork has been displayed in many books, national publications and museums, such as the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK. His artwork has also been juried into the C.M. Russell Museum Art Auction.

Artwork to be Showcased