Nikita Coulombe


Nikita Coulombe was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and studied art at the University of Colorado under contemporary realist painter Chuck Forsman along with psychology. Initially, Nikita pursued psychology and for years worked with past APA President, Dr. Philip Zimbardo. His decades of research on human behavior greatly impacted the lens through which she observes her surroundings and caused her to take a deeper interest in our “shadow” selves. This curiosity is reflected in her artwork; the themes of her paintings largely revolve around the human experience and the balance of our inner and outer worlds.

In 2019, Nikita became an artist full-time with a focus on modern and wildlife paintings. She sees her realistic paintings like meditations while her abstract paintings reflect her desire for expression. She likens these different styles to breathing in and out. Regardless of subject and style, her art is often described by others as bold, playful, and sensual, bringing viewers into the moment and providing them with a sense of harmony.

Artwork to be Showcased