Bob Coonts


Bob Coonts is a painter known for his colorful artwork pieces that covers a variety of subjects, including animals, landscapes, plants, and people. He enjoys the use of color as perfected by the Fauvists. Coonts uses a unique artistic style that expresses warmth and detail. His artistic style isn’t fully refined as he continues to work on it to ensure that what he finally delivers is unique, whether he applies whimsy or colorful compositions to create them.

Coonts’ artistic versatility is evident in his masterworks, delivering some in the true abstract or non-objective abstract. Often, his creative pieces reach out to his audience’s emotions. Apart from his creativity and imaginations, his works are influenced by Celtic, Middle Eastern, Mythology, Native American, Asian, Greek, Nature, and Roman. Besides these influences, Coonts is also intrigued and influenced by the works of renowned artists such as Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, and Juan Miro. Keenly looking at his art, he uses a number of shapes, mainly geometric, to develop his figures and express his subjects.

He studied at the Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, CO, from where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1963. His studies focused on painting and graphic design. Determined to expand his artistic knowledge, hone his skills, and grow his network, Coonts took part in several seminars, workshops and classes in the 1990’s. He would later embark on his professional fine art career in 1994 after enjoying 31 years of success in graphic design.

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