Gary Ward


Gary is a second-generation artist from Canyon, Texas. Growing up in the cowboy culture under the influence of his artist dad, the late Jim Ward, he developed an early appreciation for Western art. Working in oil, pastel and bronze, he loves to paint and sculpt the people, animals, and places that make Texas and the West unique.

Gary has participated in numerous shows over the years including The American Plains Artists annual show, Mountain Oyster Art Show, Western Spirit show and Sale, Cowboy True, The Party at Kerrville, and the Stamford Cowboy Reunion Art Preview Party and Sale. He has garnered numerous awards including the Clyde Heron award from the APA and has paintings in collections throughout the country.

Gary is a founding member of The Western Artists Roundup. This group of seven premiere western artists is dedicated to preserving the history of the west through art.

Artwork to be Showcased