Manny Valenzuela


Manny is a dynamic, Contemporary Artist, whose work is inspired by his colorful Hispanic heritage. His personal life experiences influence his designs. A contemporary touch coupled with a southwestern flair is evident in his artwork. His contemporary abstract pieces consist of visual metaphors, symbolizing both personal and global representations. Bright colors and textures are mixed in a contemporary fashion creating a unique interpretation of the world around us. The combination of subject and technique adds character and flair to a room while still embracing a deeper meaning.

“Many of my paintings are metaphors of personal relationships that use a Gaucho cowboy to convey the message. I especially enjoy creating feelings of love between two people or a parent and his/her kids. I work with the Gaucho figure because it is representative of my rich heritage. The art appears simple yet contains a complexity that goes beyond what seems obvious. I love creating paintings that stir emotion. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve touched someone’s heart or put a smile on their face. My style is minimalistic because of its ability to best deliver the message with very little distraction. Some of the designs are derived from childhood memories and others represent my relationship with my own parents or kids.”

Artwork to be Showcased