Chance Tedesco


“I have been creating wildlife art in stages and different mediums throughout my entire life, but it was not until 2018 that a career in wildlife art became my life goal. I have had the privilege of traveling around the United States to capture experiences and reference material of many different species in the past few years (Scottsdale, Yellowstone, Jackson, The Everglades, The Smoky Mountains & The White Mountains). Throughout my years of creating artwork, I have transitioned from solely working in acrylic to now incorporating oil, pen and ink as well as graphite pencil.

With every painting I try to create a sense of depth, lighting effects as well as action and movement all with a sense of texture. A good painting (in my honest opinion) is a work of art that can grab your attention immediately, hold it for some time, but also leave you thinking about the experience and aspects of studying how it was produced. I try to take experiences in the field and create a dramatized version of them in my art. Sometimes my paintings are meant to convey a message and often they are communicating through my subject to the viewer.”

Private Coaching with Stefan Baumann, October 2020
Stefan Baumann began privately coaching students over 40 years ago and is an internationally acclaimed artist.

Decoys & Wildlife Art, Frenchtown, NJ

Artwork to be Showcased