John Solie


Honorary Artist Member since 2006

John Solie was born in LaCrosse, WI and attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated from Los Angeles Art Center.

Solie has become famous for the incredible images he has captured on canvas, images renowned for their ability to reflect the very essence of the subject. Much of his career in the commercial illustration field has been in painting portraits and sculpting famous people. He has been in demand for book covers and book illustrations and has painted over 200 movie posters over the years. He has been commissioned to illustrate covers for popular novels, Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, and The Saturday Evening Post.

Solie is also a talented sculptor and was commissioned by CBS Television Network to create a sculpture of Walter Cronkite, which is on display in the lobby of the CBS Building in NY. He is a member of the NASA art team and has paintings on display at the Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center.

Artwork to be Showcased

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