M.E. Price


Travel and artistic endeavors have always been a part of Michael’s life. His formative years were filled with living outside of the United States in Greece, the Azores and Great Britain and other places besides. The artist believes that these journeys led him to his passion for the arts and the study of history. Collegiate studies ensued and culminated in both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

The decade of the 1990s saw the building of his own graphic design business, but one in which he spent more time restoring images from small, privately held museums, families, and individuals. M. E. Price was still traveling, but now through other people’s memories. These events helped shape his artistic ethos.

“My imagery is based upon actual places and things that may have been partially skewed and then reconstructed to suggest a place at once familiar but void of many of the landmarks that make a place or thing truly representational. I like to think that my work addresses the desire in many of us, to relate to the known world while still exploring new or differing realities.”

Michael has explored other artistic mediums over the years, including classic rendering in pencil, encaustic, charcoal, and pastels. With the technological changes brought about by the personal computer, he has also explored the digital world.

Today, retired and an every day painter living in Oracle, Arizona, M. E. Price has returned not only to his painting roots, but to the collective memories of people everywhere to present an exciting oeuvre associated with his travels and his experiences inspired by the American Southwest.

Current Gallery
K. Newby Gallery and Sculpture Garden – P.O. Box 4217, Tubac, AZ 85646

Exhibition History
November/ December, Tubac Center of the Arts- Members Juried Exhibition – Tubac,
Arizona. Honorable Mention

October 23 and 24, the 8th Annual Saddlebrooke Ranch Art Walk – Oracle, AZ

November – Louisville Art Association – Members Show 2nd Place
June/ July – Rey Ford Show
Louisville Art Association Member’s Show – 2nd Place

Artwork to be Showcased