Lisa Danielle


Lisa Danielle was born in the artist colony of La Jolla, California. A pencil in hand at age two, a perfectionist at coloring inside the lines with the largest Crayola assortment available by age five, Lisa then moved on to colored pencil, then tempera, then oils; winning awards and eventually a partial scholarship towards her college art major. Her path never wavering, her first full-time job was commercial illustration, but the limitations led, at the age of 23, to the launch of her career as a self-supporting fine artist, and she never looked back.

In pursuit of a higher degree of perfection for her growing collector base, the need for more quality studio time led Lisa to hand-pick a few solid galleries to represent her work. Combined with what is now a happy 30+ year association with Leanin’ Tree publishing, Lisa’s paintings received a much wider, even international exposure. In 1981, a fortuitous move to another growing artist town brought all the elements together – subject, consistent inspiration, quality representation, and the peaceful space she’d always envisioned.

Painting and horseback riding on the outskirts of the beautiful artist colony of Sedona, Arizona for nearly 30 years now, Lisa lives the ideal Western lifestyle, providing experience to complement her knowledge of the Native American culture and Western heritage portrayed in her still-life paintings.

Living between Indian reservations and the great Southwest ranches; surrounded by her horses, Western research library, and extensive artifact collection, she has painted intimate portraits of life in the historic Old West for over 30 years. Her resulting still-life paintings, now executed almost exclusively in acrylics, captivate viewers with their emphasis on life, to the delight of her half dozen galleries and two publishers, who readily find homes for her inspired, deeply researched, yet easy to live with paintings of Western Americana.

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