Valerie Coe


Coe is a self-educated artist and a national-award winning cowboy boot maker. In 2013, she began painting and, from that moment on, felt she had found her true calling. She chose to work in watercolor for it is a thrilling medium. “Its vibrancy, spontaneity, and unpredictability challenge me every time I pick up a brush and put paint to paper. My paintings reflect what I am truly passionate about – horses and ranching.”

When Coe was ten years old and a friend took me to her family’s stable, she was hooked. Realizing this, her parents bought me a pony, and horses have been an integral part of her life ever since. Several years after earning a master’s degree in agriculture at Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, she found her way to Modoc County, California, where she met her husband Ned. They now have a small cow/calf operation on the edge of the Great Basin that affords an unending bounty of painting ideas and subjects.

“I believe there is something truly divine in the fit and bond between horse and rider. Horses work for us and with us; they define us. Through my paintings, I strive to capture the relationship between cowboys and their horses and the unique connection that forms when working, day in and day out, as a team.”

Artwork to be Showcased