Chef’s Insights

The Real Deal


Just a few of the many things that set us apart and highlight the exclusivity of the cuisine at the Mountain Oyster Club.


fig I. Executive chef “Obie” Photo Credit: Taylor Noel Photography

The Scratch Kitchen

From our in-house dry aged and hand cut steaks, to our stocks, sauces, and soups (our onion soup takes at least 2 days to make!) to Chef Mike’s house cured corned beef and smoked salmon, to our handmade banquet hors d’oeuvres and much more, we are producing by hand, from scratch and with love what many if not most Clubs source from outside purveyors.

In-House Butchery

While in-house butchery is becoming a lost art we take pride in being able to hand cut and trim our steaks daily to a higher standard than the pre-portioned steaks on the commercial market. Whether you prefer the elegant tenderness of the Filet Mignon, the robust beefiness of the N.Y. Strip, or the well marbled richness of the Ribeye, your steak was aged and butchered mere feet from your table. On Fridays the club features our famous Prime Rib, but the cooking starts on Thursday. Over a 24 hour period our rib roasts are slowly cooked in our Rational Combi Oven, which has very precise temperature & humidity control, then charred in our Southbend Infrared Broiler resulting in peak flavor and tenderness.

The Creative and
Flexible Team

Because we have such an energetic team of creative culinarians, we are able to conceive and execute themed banquets, wine dinners, a la carte specials, seasonal features, and special club functions from the classic to the modern to well out of the box. Between weekly lunch menus, daily soups, dinner specials, and featured ice creams and desserts, there is something if not several things new at the club every day.

The Daily Grind

Whether you are enjoying the classic M.O. Burger or one of our smash burgers you are getting upper 2/3rds Choice Angus Beef chuck that has been dry aged in-house, ground fresh daily and served on our house made burger bun. Side of French fries? We cut those in house as well.

The Daily Grind – Our burgers are made with in-house buns, the meat is aged, trimmed, and then ground (twice) fresh daily in house.