Beth Valenzuela


Beth paints a variety of subjects in both oil and acrylic. While she has been mainly focused on realistic interpretations of still life subjects, landscape, and architecture, she also enjoys painting abstract landscapes, as well as exploring some non-representational creations in acrylic. Her favorite subjects are the exquisite landscapes and amazing flora of the Southwest. Recently Beth’s work has been accepted into shows at the JCC and the Murphey Gallery at St. Phillip’s, as well as the Small Works Show at the Toscana Gallery.

Interested in art from an early age, it wasn’t until after her retirement that she was able to actively pursue this long-time interest. For the past several years she has studied with two very exceptional Tucson artists, Brenda Semanick and Lawrence Lee. She has additionally worked with noted landscape artists who have been guest instructors at the Semanick Studio.

Artwork to be Showcased