Muriel J. Timmins


Born and raised in eastern Massachusetts, Timmins and her two older sisters were
introduced to nature through the loving guidance of their mother, who had from their
earliest days, instilled in each of them a sense of curiosity, appreciation and respect for all living
things. Timmins recalls spending many childhood hours on her own, watching endless
streams of ants trekking back and forth. Industriously they marched, hauling crumbs and bits of
leaves along a well-traveled “highway” over sidewalk and cracks, on into the front door of a little
mound of sand. Even more enthralling were her encounters with dragonflies, skunks, raccoons and squirrels busily making a life in New England. And, of course, there were the elephants, zebras and rhinos that she found only in books, but could vividly imagine roaming open plains in distant strange lands. Back then, this earth seemed an exciting place to wake up to each morning. And it still does… Now living in Tucson, Arizona, Timmins has been introduced to yet another of Mother Nature’s many intriguing personalities. Having spent the majority of her life in the Northeast, her strong connection with nature developed around lush, dense woods, green mountains and rocky coastline. So, her move to Tucson in 1996 certainly set her down into a strange new world. Unlike that lush, dense growth and ocean scent of the New England region, the Desert Southwest presented her with quite a different experience.
“In my depictions of the natural world, I’m always hoping to remind the viewer to be on the lookout for the wonder in our day-to-day lives. We don’t necessarily have to trek out into the woods or up a mountain trail to connect with nature. Even walking down the driveway to pick up the mail, or taking a coffee break next to the backyard window can be an adventure. Something is ALWAYS going on outdoors, if we just remember to watch for it. In times of discontent or stress, it’s all too easy for us to develop tunnel-vision and focus solely on things gone awry. But, just by allowing ourselves the awareness of our natural surroundings, the full content of our lives comes into view. We’re then open to savor the joys of Mother Nature – and in return, she will very likely lift our spirits, broaden our perspective and maybe even lighten our load.”
Copley Society of Art
Boston, MA, Sponsored member
Int’l Guild of Realism (IGOR) Artist member (2014-2019)
Oil Painters of America, Associate artist member
Southern AZ Arts Guild, Former VP/Membership Chair

Juried Exhibits/Awards/Articles
National Oil & Acrylic Painter’s Society (NOAPS) Annual Online Exhibit / Award of Excellence
Agua Caliente / Ranch House Art Exhibit Tucson, AZ, Two person show, 15 pcs.
Ventana Medical Sys/SAACA Oro Valley, AZ – First place & People’s Choice, 1 piece
Oro Valley Comm.Ctr/SAAG Oro Valley, AZ – Art guild exhibit, 1 piece
Dragonfly Gallery/“Many Faces of Art” Tucson, AZ – Three-person show, 21 pieces
Cox Community Gallery/“Americana” Tucson, AZ – 3 pieces
ASDM Ironwood Gallery/Art Institute-Student exhibit Tucson, AZ – 1 piece
Hilltop Gallery/“Quadrilateral” Nogales, AZ – Board/Instructor Exhibit,11 pieces
Hilltop Gallery/Oil Painting Instructor Nogales, AZ – Two months teaching weekly classes
Toscana Gallery/“Double Exposure” Oro Valley, AZ – Art guild exhibit , Best of Show,1 pc
”America’s Parks II” Traveling exhibit (3 venues), Honorable Mention, 1 piece
DeGrazia “Little Gallery” Guest Artist (2013) Tucson, AZ – One person show, 25 pieces
DeGrazia “Little Gallery” Guest Artist (2020) Tucson, AZ – Two person show, 20 pieces
ASDM Ironwood Gallery/“Botanical Art of the Sonoran Desert” Tucson, AZ – 1 piece
Kirk-Bear Canyon Libr./Artist of the Month Tucson, AZ – One person show, 26 pieces
The Artist’s Magazine/The Artist’s Life Column Featured writeup on Finalist piece
The Artist’s Magazine/Annual Competition Finalist, 1 piece
Tucson Museum of Art/Artisan’s Market Tucson, AZ – 8 events, approx. 20 pcs each
”Blossom II-Art of Flowers” Traveling exhibit (7 venues), 1 piece
The Artist’s Magazine/Annual Competition Honorable Mention, 1 piece
The Artist’s Magazine/Annual Competition Finalist on 2 pieces
Premier Image Gallery Ashland, MA – Two person show, 20 pieces

Artwork to be Showcased