Kristine Taylor


Kristine Taylor lives in rural Portola Valley, California, in the same house where she grew up. As a child she was passionate about animals and art. Her mother, an oil painter, encouraged her to develop her artistic talents, and her father, an engineer, taught her to use the many tools in his home woodshop and foundry.

Kristine graduated from Stanford University in 1973 with a B.A. degree in fine art, and spent several years doing machine work for a scale model/prototyping company. While raising her family, she focused on graphic design as a career, and painted with oils and watercolor for her own enjoyment.

In 2007, Kristine turned her focus to sculpture, which she found to be the perfect blend of her love of tools and the creative process. At first, she cast her pieces in epoxy resin and hand painted the finish, but soon found that resin was limiting the size of the works she wanted to produce. In 2009, she switched to bronze as the medium for her sculptures and now works with the artisans at a world class art foundry in Berkeley, California. Her knowledge of animals is evident in her work, not only in the proportions of the subject but also in the personality revealed in each piece.

Outside of studio work Kristine works with local high school students who participate in an annual robotics competition. Teaching the next generation how to use tools and machinery, do welding, engineering and design is her way of sharing the skills that have brought her joy and a meaningful career.

“When sculpting an animal, I try to capture a pose that highlights the animal’s personality; a subtle gesture that reveals the essence of the creature. I keep the form simple and refined, rather than representational, to accentuate the character of the animal as well as the beauty of the bronze from which the sculpture is made.”

Artwork to be Showcased

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