Jennifer S. Taylor


Jennifer S. Taylor is an internationally recognized impressionistic artist in the contemporary art world. Her paintings are fresh and hinting of a fleeting moment of time with bold gestural brushwork, color, and light. Using life as her subject and imagination as her muse. Her subject matter ranges from the simplicity of an apple to more complex intimate moments of her experiences with travelling. Born in Monrovia, Alabama, Jennifer’s mother recognized her talent and encouraged her with a plethora of art supplies. Her mother enrolled her every summer, from the age of 9, into art instruction in downtown Huntsville, AL with the Art League at that time, learning to draw and master perspective and values. The youngest of all of the students, she was dedicated to learning. She has since acquired a BSBA in Business, and studied with several well-known artists such as Daniel Greene, Scott Christensen, Quang Ho, Larry Moore, John Pototschnik, and Dennis Perrin. Her work has been in several major galleries across the United States, and collected by many private collectors, banks, and businesses. Recently featured on the cover of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Jennifer’s work continues to gain popularity. She has been recognized with awards from American Impressionist Society, Boldbrush, and many curated art shows. She has also been featured in magazines such as Southwest Art Magazine, Plein Air magazine, and American Art Collector.

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