Stephen Stauffer


“Art has always been a passion of mine from a very early age. In Kindergarten, Mrs. Shipler, my teacher, sent a drawing of a rooster I had done in class to a Utah based magazine called “The Children’s Friend”. It was previewed on the back cover of the magazine. In that moment of recognition, I felt that art would always be something I would enjoy and share with others.

My love for painting En Plein Air took me out of the studio and into the surroundings we enjoy in our beautiful country. Painting the Alpine splendor of our mountains and streams, or the unique beauty of the Red Rock of Zion, I am always moved each time I’m allowed to venture into its wonder and magical vistas and capture these images. I have studied with Jeff Hein, Rob Adamson, and Bryce Billings. Their unique take on drafting, drawing and Plein Air landscapes, has taken me and my work to new levels afield.

I have studied with Jeffery Hein at The Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is here where I discovered that a passion for your work is not only in the end result, but rather each stoke of a brush, charcoal or graphite line is done with perfection and reason. Jeff’s talented work, and being able to observe him in studio, has not only inspired me as an artist, but as a person as well.

Drawing from life whether it’s the figure or landscape, as an artist, we will never stop learning. Jeff, Rob and Bryce are masters at their crafts and I am so incredibly blessed to have been associated with them and allowed to be a part of each of their lives.”

Artwork to be Showcased