Michael Stack


Honorary Artist Member since 1982.

Michael Stack was always interested in being an “easel painter,” but in his early years, he had to support himself with various jobs. When he moved to Arizona in 1970, the beautiful Sonoran Desert inspired him to become a painter.

While growing up in Riverside, California, Stack was urged to paint abstract art. He had some wonderful art teachers who encouraged him to follow his own path, expressing a unique vision in his paintings. He does not apply large amounts of paint at one time. Instead, he uses thin layers to achieve the luminous effect for which he is noted, similar to the Hudson River painters’ style he admires.

Although Stack is attracted to landscapes, it is the rugged mountains, arid deserts, and endless grasslands all over the Southwest that hold a special connection for him. He is best known for his luminous skies, sunsets, and towering rain clouds so powerful one listens for the booming thunder. Stack likes to paint the subtle places many people pass by to remind viewers of the beauty surrounding them.

Artwork to be Showcased

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