KC Spink


KC Spink was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. When his parents took him camping into wilderness parks and backpacking into the High Sierra Nevada Mountains, he developed a passion for western landscapes and western Americana. When he was older, he painted and sketched on his travels throughout rural America, particularly the west.

He graduated from Glendale Community College with an emphasis on art and history and took additional art and history classes at Pasadena City College. Financially unable able to pursue a formal art education he began working at a variety of jobs, usually at night, while learning how to paint during the day on his own by studying and emulating the “masters” he saw in museums and through his own experimentation with different styles and mediums.

After working for years on his own he showed an art director some of his paintings and was given a job painting large scale pictures on billboards (14 ft. x 48 ft. standard size). He then became a pictorial billboard painter working at Gannett Outdoor’s premier studio in Southern California for several years.

With the demise of the hand painted billboard industry he retrained himself and began working as an animation background painter for motion picture, television, and video productions. Some of the studios he did work for were Disney Television, Warner Brothers Feature Animation, Nickelodeon, Universal, Rich Animation, and Fred Wolf Films. While doing work for these studios he continued to create and evolve his own art. KC Spink now devotes his time solely at the vocation of creating his own fine art.

“Studying the fine art masters and working with contemporary commercial artists has shaped the way I paint. But the challenge of an artist is to take what he technically knows and create something that other people relate to on some emotional or intellectual level.”

Artwork to be Showcased

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