Alexander Selytin


Alexander Selytin was born in a small Russian town of Zolotuchino. His father loved art and encouraged his son to pursue an artistic career. Selytin was fascinated with painting from an early age. He left his first masterpieces on fences, the walls of his parent’s apartment and the pages of his schoolbooks. After high school he decided to dedicate his life to painting. In 1978 he entered the Art School in Zeleznogorsk, Russia. After four years of training he graduated with an art teacher’s diploma with honors.

He began his professional career as a teacher and working for various institutions as a commissioned painter. He was then accepted to the most prestigious art school in Russia, The Academy of Fine Arts. Entering at the top of his class in 1989 he had several paintings selected for student exhibitions in Moscow and New York.

Selytin now resides in Provo, UT painting still lifes, landscapes and portraits.

Artwork to be Showcased

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