John David Rule


John David Rule is a Native Oklahoman, growing up on a ranch outside of Oklahoma City. A son of a cattle buyer, he spent most summers working at the Oklahoma Stockyards. His love of art started at an early age. Rule rode his horse to art classes at the OKC Fairgrounds at the age of 10. Rules uses multimedia art forms including sculpture, charcoal, pen and ink, gouache, and leather. He currently lives on his ranch in Western Oklahoma with his wife, DonaKay. They owned National Saddlery Company in Stockyards, OKC for 30 years. A keen interest in Native American culture also drives his art, with Southern Plains Indians as the subject of his interest. Living close to Kiowa and Comanche country is of great benefit. Being invited to sculpt at several Kiowna Ceremonies over the years has been a great honor. Receiving true insight into Kiowa culture has fueled his desire for authenticity.

Artwork to be Showcased