Nancy Romanovsky


Nancy began oil painting at an early age and later studied art at Arizona State University, the Scottsdale Artists’ School, and privately with several American artists. In 2012, Nancy left her career in graphic design and marketing to pursue painting full time. Her paintings have rapidly become popular due to their unique style. Honest and non-pretentious, they expose the beauty of nature through the combination of light and shadow and serendipitous plays of color. Nancy’s paintings are held in corporate and private collections in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, and Italy. Her hobbies include hiking and tree farming. She is a board member and Signature Member of the Women Artists of the West. She is also a member of Arizona Plein Air Painters, Sonoran Art League, and Plein Air Washington Artists.

“I discovered my passion for painting at a very young age. I love the process of starting with nothing and creating something uniquely beautiful and honest. I paint landscapes and explore the quiet essence of being in nature. Aspens are a key element in this theme of dappled light and abstract shapes of reflective color. The groves capture individual differences of each tree while depicting the stand as a cohesive colony, as a brotherhood. My chosen medium is oil, with variety of brushwork, thick and thin, loose and detailed. It gives me the opportunity to portray the breadth and scale of nature. My love of hiking fills me with constant ideas for visual nourishment of paintings yet to come.”

Artwork to be Showcased

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