Julia Rogers


Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay on the eastern shore of Maryland has had a strong influence on Julia since her childhood. She has an endless desire to paint and over the years has worked in several mediums and gradually developed a distinctive style. Painting en plain air, figurative work and portraiture are all part of her discipline. Extensive travel is also documented in her portfolio; many periods of growth in her paintings can be attributed to reference trips. Wildlife has been very inspirational to my work and is my personal favorite. Seeing animals in their own environment and witnessing their natural behavior in person changed the way she paints. She has been included in the following exhibitions: Waterfowl Festival 2017 Featured Artist, Hiram Blauvelt Museum, three man show, “Kalihari to Kilimanjaro”, Society of Animal Artists Juried Show, Leigh Yawkey Woodson, “Birds in Art”, Wildlife and Western Art Show, St. Petersburg, FL, Safari Club International, The Briscoe Museum, “Night of the Artist”, Waterfowl Festival, Easton, MD, Gilcrease Museum, and Raymond James Women in the Arts- Artist of the year and speaker.

Artwork to be Showcased