Robin Murray


Born in 1986, Robin Murray lives in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is a self-taught artist. Robin has grown up surrounded by wilderness in all of its splendor. From a young age, he was taught to appreciate nature and enjoyed observing wildlife in its natural habitat, especially while alongside his Grandfather. With no formal education in art, Robin accredits his father as his greatest teacher and critique. Robin began painting at a very young age but really started to hone in on his God-given talent in his early 20’s after rekindling his love for art and painting. He enjoys painting using various mediums, with oils being his preferred choice.

“I cannot remember a time where I haven’t been interested in nature. It has always captured me, and in turn, I do my best to capture it. Whether in paint, wood or other materials, I enjoy it immensely. As a child, I can remember carrying around my “Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of North America” identifying and sketching as I went. Growing older into my “teen” years, I, unfortunately, lost some of my ambition for painting. But my passion for the brush was reignited, and I returned to my easel with renewed energy and purpose to use the talent that I have been given to the fullest. I want to use my art as a mouth for those who cannot speak our language, to portray the majestic beauty of our planet and all its wildlife inhabitants.”

He is a Signature Member of Society of Animal Artists as well as the Artists for Conservation

Artwork to be Showcased

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