A.R. Mergelman


Painting and art have been an essential part of Audrie’s life. Some of her earliest memories include standing at the corner of her father’s easel under the glare of the clamp light and watching him paint images of cowboys and wildlife. From childhood through graduate school she had studied painting, art history, and art education. She began teaching art, thinking of herself as an artist who teaches. Fortunately, she learned from her students that teaching art is an art form in itself. She loves sharing art with her students each day and find it enriches her own identity as a painter.

Although Audrie dabble as a plein air painter, she primarily works in her studio where she channels her life-long connection with horses into painting their form and distinctive gesture. She is often questioned about her singular focus on horses. She has sincerely experimented with other subjects, but the horse as a figurative subject is her inherent and true muse. Perhaps it all goes back to her first horse,Syrup, a stocky little bay mare with a pretty-shaped head. She loved to just look at her as much as she loved to ride her. She currently paints, teaches, and lives in Loveland, Colorado.

Artwork to be Showcased