Jamie Means


Boredom is a four-letter word to Alaskan born artist Jamie Means. It was the frustration of lying in a bed recovering from a near debilitating fall, resulting in a broken back, that caused Jamie to make a frame that he could use to fill in his time, by sketching the themes inspired by his cowboy lifestyle. Completely self-taught, Jamie amazed people with the quality and attention to detail his graphite and colored pencil drawings projected.
When not working on his ranch in Red Bluff, breeding and training horses for cutting, reined cow horse and ranching, Jamie fills in his extra time at his home-built studio, working on his latest art project.
Using family and friends as models, Jamie alternates between today’s modern ranching to the West of the 1800s. It is incredible to see pencil work so vividly bringing to life, the details of these snap shots of daily ranch life.
Jamie Means work has come to the attention of prestigious art galleries and auctions, with a considerable following of collectors all over the country.

Artwork to be Showcased

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