Tamara Magdalina


Tamara Magdalina is the honor member of Russian artists association and an active Academic, the highest title and an honor an artist can achieve throughout a career. Tamara was awarded a gold medal from Art Academy society for two major exhibitions in 2015 in Moscow Academy exhibition halls, Krasnoyarsk Art institute exhibition galleries, and Abakan’s art schools. In addition, she was awarded a silver medal from United Nations and International information Academy Department of the Humanities for the substantial contribution to the culture.

Tamara was born in Siberia, into a Christian family, in the city of Abakan, and was growing up taking care of a garden and animals as a kid before she attended first children’s art school. It is no surprise that American country lifestyle found fertile soil in a soul of a Siberian artist. Tamara now lives and works in Sacramento California, teaching children and inspiring through her works.

Artwork to be Showcased

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