Carol Lundeen


Carol Lundeen was raised the daughter of a preacher man. She was an avid sports enthusiast and tomboy dedicated to exploring all of nature’s hidden treasures with her older brother, Ed. When Ed began drawing the things they would see, it interested her to know that a flat piece of paper could come alive with a drawn image.

She pursued art classes in high school and fell in love with oil painting. She later received her BA in Art from Northwest Nazarene College in Nampa, Idaho. But it wasn’t until 2009 that Carol began studying painting seriously with notable artists such as Terry Isaac, Mark Hanson, Jay Moore, Jan Martin McGuire, and Robert Hagberg. Although Carol and family currently live in Minnesota, many of her paintings come from trips to the Dakota’s.

Carol is a Signature Member of American Plains Artists, Associate Member of Women Artists of the West, and Associate Member of Oil Painters of America. She won the Award of Excellence, Signature American Plains Artist, 2017, Artistic Excellence, Southwest Art Magazine, 2016, and Finalist, Artist Magazine, Animal Division, 2015.

Artwork to be Showcased

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