Dan Knepper


Dan Knepper grew up in Northern Ohio and spent his childhood exploring vernal pools and giant
trees and discovering puffballs, chipmunk dens and the places where the minnows gathered in
the creek. He traveled through the woods to swim in sandstone quarries, with crystal waters of
unreachable depth and moss-covered cliff walls. He sat on the neighbor’s fence to watch horse
shows and barrel racing. Those days started him down the path of some of his favorite subject

Dan went to college to study glassblowing, which had a profound effect on his painting. Hot
glass has a light of its own. It glows from within, and passes through dramatic color changes of
transparent color as it cools. Dan still views the world through that lens of transparent colors
and sparkling chips of colored glass and tries to reflect that in his work.

Trips to the Rockies, Glacier and Western Montana as well as the Tetons and Yellowstone made
a transcendent change in his life and work. The experiences helped define his work in general.
He realized he wanted to preserve moments of transitional light in undisturbed places off the
beaten path. His work has been in all the major art magazines, won national and international
awards, and is collected coast to coast.

Richeson International Landscape Competition Finalist 2021(2 paintings) and Honorable Mention.
Boldbrush Fav 15, Wyoming Morning, March 2021
Western Visions, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Sept 2021
The Russell live auction, Wyoming Morning, August 2021
C.M. Russell Museum, Wyoming Morning spring and summer 2021
Western Art Collector, March 2021
Airstream Life Magazine, Spring 2021
Western Art and Architecture, Illuminations feature, Feb/March 2021
Mountain Oyster Show and Sale, Nov 2020, ‘Moose Falls’
Southwest Art’s Artistic Excellence Competition runner-up for The Cutting Horse
Howard/Mandville Gallery Small Works Show
Springfield Museum of Art Honorable Mention, 2020, ‘Laurie’s World’
Boldbrush Competition June 2020 Fav 15, ‘The Cutting Horse’
Boldbrush Competition May 2020 Fav 15 ‘Laurie’s World’
Richeson 75 International Landscape Competition Finalist June, 2020
Transcendence, (My Toes Are Cold)
Fine Art Connoisseur, July/Aug 2020 The Endless Appeal of the Horse
Southwest Art magazine, May 2020, Landscapes
Airstream Life Magazine, Spring 2020
Ohio Magazine Award, Bryn Du Mansion show, 2020 People’s Choice, Wyoming Morning
Southwest Art Magazine, Dec2019/Jan2020 issue. Artistic Excellence Finalist
Southwest Art’s Artistic Excellence Competition 2019, Finalist

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