Lisa Johnson-McLoughlin


For 45 years, accumulating awards and recognition, Lisa Johnson-McLoughlin, paints the current and historical western life of the people and landscapes that she is surrounded by.

“I am a working cowgirl. I have painted, owned and worked with horses for 51 years. I know and love my subject matter.”

Painting captivating portraits that signify mood and strength, she also paints horses, cattle, ranch life, and the Navajo and Apache tribes of the Southwest, and portrait commissions for clients. She has been fortunate to study over the years under several masters of Western Art. In her early twenties, Robert C. Rishell, and later, Howard Terpning and a number of the Cowboy Artists of America, that have contributed to the knowledge and precision that she shows through her work. Her acrylic and oil paintings are filled with rough rock, vibrant colored dirt, the light and shadows of the Arizona high desert, and the empty silence of wide-open space…which over the years have received recognition and acclaim.

She received the Grumbacher Award, her signature award in 1987 from the Society of Western Artists, hung in Museum shows, featured in newspaper articles and western art magazines, The Western Art Collector and Southwest Art, received several Best of Shows, and recently, Best of Show Runner-up in the 2016 Slo-Poke Western art show, along with a silver trophy.

Her painting was selected by the MO Club art show in Tucson in 2017 to advertise their show in the Western Art Collector magazine, and then sold her two works opening night. She has been selected for several western art shows in the current year of 2018, hangs in the Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach, California, and paints from her ranch studio in southeastern Arizona.

Artwork to be Showcased

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