Tony Hilscher


For his formal education Tony attended the University of Wisconsin, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He then had a long and successful career from the mid 80’s and 90’s as an illustrator in Minneapolis for a long list of well-known national companies, while transitioning into painting along the way.
He now devotes his time and passion to painting his impressions of the natural world both in studio and plein air work. His goal is to express an emotional response; to capture the essence and mood of the natural world through the language of painting. To him, representational painting is not a literal translation of nature but a personal impression conveyed through the foundations of composition, value relationships, color harmony, edges, and brushwork.
“My dedication as a painter, as someone who needs to translate the real world into a visual poem, is a life-long journey.”

2017- 1st place Steamboat Art Museum’s Plein Air Event
2019- Honorable Mention Steamboat Art Museum’s Plein Air Event
2020- 2nd place award at Steamboat Art Museum’s Plein Air Event
2020- selected participant in Colorado National Monument plein air event
2021- Driggs Idaho Plein Air Event
2022- Award of recognition, White Bear Center for the arts, plein air event, MN

Artwork to be Showcased