Kathy Harder


For the last fifteen years California artist, Kathy Harder has been fulfilling her dream as a land steward on her mountain ranch in the old oak forests of California. With the stabilization of her homestead, she has found “a return to source” in her artwork, a reconnection with her materials and a “spirit journey” with the animals she documents. Her subject matter has come from her strong link to both the wonder and power of nature.

Her current medium is the monotype, known as the most painterly method among printmaking techniques. Kathy gently pulls depth and dimension into her subject by utilizing her own versatile method. The result is stunningly captured by the vibrant colors in her works detail. This “light field” of mixed media could be described as an attempt to demonstrate the “other worldly quality” that is sometimes present when “spirit” enters material form.

Kathy’s other method is an additive or rejective viscosity monotype process. The direct inking technique produces diversity in color in which the different viscosity of ink controls the result. She then uses an oil paint overlay to enhance the colors and details of her subjects and bring out the “dimension” of the print.

In experiencing continued growth on her journey, Kathy is also painting on canvas where she feels even more freedom. She wishes to express to the viewer energy and atmosphere through palette knife and brush work. Kathy allows the painting to develop and evolve utilizing new color strategies.

Having studied art at Saddleback College of Mission Viejo for more than 20 years, her disciplines run a gamut of painting, drawing, photography, life painting, life drawing, printmaking, and ceramics. Kathy feels her purpose for being is to create visionary work that stimulates the mind and speaks to the soul.

Artwork to be Showcased