Lindsey Bittner Graham


Drawing and painting has been Lindsey’s passion since childhood. Born and raised in Louisville, Ky, she began studying and sketching horses at a young age while learning to ride and working in stables after school. Her ability to capture an animal’s expressiveness through drawing led her to study illustration indepth while attending college. Her love for sketching the human figure as well as animals transitioned into a 15 year career as a locally and nationally known fashion illustrator. Commercial clients included such stores as Fashion Bar, The Denver Dry Goods, Neusteters, the May Co., Goldwaters and Nordstrom. Lindsey’s drawing skills are still a key element in the development of each painting composition.

Lindsey’s goal as an oil painter is to immerse the viewer into the energy and atmosphere of each painting through the use of loose, spontaneous brushwork in the completion of shapes and values throughout each painting. Lindsey allows the painting to develop and evolve beyond the original sketch enticing the viewer to observe the process. She views painting as a forever learning process, always experimenting with new color strategies, new painting tools, techniques, and new challenges. It is all about continued growth and the journey. Lindsey resides in Denver with her husband, Don, and their 2 dogs. she has taken oil painting workshops and courses taught by Quang Ho, Robert Spooner, David Santillanes, Jill Soukup, Kevin Weckbach, Robert Gratiot.

Artwork to be Showcased

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