Virginia Gott


Virginia Gott is a mixed-media artist whose work is frequently inspired by landscape elements such as oil jack pumps, utility poles and lines, and worn mailboxes along country roads. She was born in Preston, Idaho, and moved to the coastal communities of Southern California when she was three years old, where she studied illustration at California State University, Long Beach. She had previously studied drawing, painting, graphics, and printmaking at various colleges and universities in the area. As a result, her composition and conceptual vocabulary improved.
While attending college, Virginia worked in the graphic and print industries for various newspaper and magazine publications such as Sufer Magazine, Moto Cross, Orange County Register and Coca Cola. She later launched a small graphics business, which grew into an online web design and services business. Her background in printing and graphic design is evident in much of her work today.
In Tucson, Arizona, where she currently resides, Virginia’s artistic eye explores the patterns, colors, and light of the Sonoran desert.

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