Meadow Gist


Meadow chooses the subject matter she paints to express a love and respect of a simpler life, when you grew your own food and more things were crafted by hand. This is what attracted her to being an artist in the first place, “crafting a unique item that has a piece of me in it, and I can say ‘I made that’.” She enjoys presenting a romantic view of bygone days, and sharing a little of this optimism with all who view her painting.

Her inspiration comes from the painting of the Russian Impressionists and the way they paint daily life, as well as the Orientalists and the pride they bring to the simple man. Recently she has become enamored with the plight of the craftsman, the rural worker, and Native Americans. She enjoys trying to express the relationship between them and what they produce in a visual narrative.

“As a painter I can sympathize with those whose chosen occupation is more than ‘just a job’ and it is to them that I dedicate my work.”

For her formal training, Meadow sought out Jeffrey R. Watts at Watts Atelier of the Arts. It was here that she was exposed to the fundamentals of drawing, as well as the painting of Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, Cecilia Beaux, and Dean Cornwell.

Artwork to be Showcased