Lori Forest


Lori Forest was born in Iowa and even as a young child, she was compelled towards the visual arts. At 7, she won an art contest through a local television station. From that early beginning, she has continued her artistic path. Her family moved to Colorado when she was 15. From that moment, her love for the west began. A resident of Colorado for most of her life, Lori’s paintings illustrate her fascination for the sublime beauty and quiet power of the west. The western horse and wildlife are the focus of her oil paintings. Lori studied art and geology at Colorado State University but believes her greatest teacher has been that of observation and experience painting in the field. An active outdoors person and horsewoman, Lori paints from her own personal experience from trips into the national parks and wilderness of the western United States. Backcountry explorations often bring her face to face with the wildlife in their natural habitat. These firsthand experiences are the subjects of her paintings. Her wildlife pieces are representative of the animal’s natural behavior and territory. These painting are both landscapes and wildlife images. Color and proportion studies are started on site. Using the field study and reference photos, the painting is completed in the studio.
“The focus of my composition is to pull the viewer into my painting. I really try to convey a sense of depth and space using dramatic light and atmosphere.”

Her passion and knowledge of horses is evident in her equine paintings. She owns five western horses, four appaloosas and a Spanish colonial mustang, and often uses her own animals as inspiration for her paintings. The western horse in its natural element are most often the subjects of her equine paintings.

Her award-winning work has received national recognition in numerous shows: She has participated in the Masters of the American West Exhibition, the Oil Painters of America’s Western Regional Shows, The American Academy of Equine Arts National Exhibition, Paint the Parks Top 100 Competition and Exhibition, and the Nation Museum of Wildlife Art’s Plein Air Festival.

Artwork to be Showcased

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