Jan Fontecchio


Jan Fontecchio was raised on a horse ranch in the low desert; and grew up riding and training horses. She spent her childhood and young adult years riding in the dry washes and hills, immersed in wildlife and western life. As she’s naturally an artist, these are the scenes that inspired her first drawings and her first sculpture; a rearing horse made entirely of baling wire. At 16, Jan was represented by the prestigious Art Tower Gallery in Cambria, CA. She received her Fine Art degree while also volunteering to care for and photograph the wild animals at Wildlife Waystation and Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Big Cat Preserve. She also provided carved leather pieces for Hollywood, clay sculpture for Six Flags, and graphic illustrations for NASA projects and publications. Fontecchio’s experiences of ranch life, horses, and wild animal care fostered a love for the action and atmosphere found in the west. These are what she paints, the unpredictable and beautiful moments and stories of life in the wild. Her desire is to render bold paintings with the special magic that each of her subjects naturally possess. The pursuit of this lures her to the easel, her blog, and her art students. When not painting and traveling to art events, Fontecchio resides in beautiful northern Idaho with her husband and four children.

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