Cynthia Feustel


Cynthia Feustel is a seasoned artist, who has painted the human face and figure for nearly twenty years. Her subjects come to life through her attention to subtle detail, lighting and color choices, bringing a sense of drama and beauty to her work. By bestowing significance to seemingly ordinary moments, her work brings a connection to the emotions and life of the world around us. The sensitive rendering of her subjects compels one to become involved in her paintings and has garnered her many awards and recognition.
Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Cynthia’s interest in painting and studying the figure began while attending art school as a fashion illustration major. After graduating with honors, she worked as a graphic designer before turning her attention to the fine art of oil painting. Cynthia began working as a commissioned portrait artist in 2000. Two years later she opened her own studio where she painted full time and taught classes year round. Then in 2009, Cynthia and her husband moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado. The move kicked off a journey to define herself and her art. The impact of this move can be seen in her current work, which often depicts the spirit and lifestyle of the American West. She is largely self- taught and fueled by the belief that one should never stop learning.
On a national level, Cynthia’s paintings are exhibited across the U.S. in gallery, museum and invitational exhibitions. Her work has received awards with Women Artists of the West, American Women Artists, NOAPS and Oil Painters of America. She has been featured in various art magazines including Fine Art Connoisseur, Western Art Collector, Southwest Art, and International Artist Magazine.

Artwork to be Showcased

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