Vicki Catapano


Over decades of professional experience, Vicki has become one of the premier artists in the Western Art field. Her work is in high demand and very collectible. It combines a mastery of brushstroke and color, exquisite Realism in portraiture and subjects, and authenticity in the Western elements. From the details in the hand-braided hackamore of the Buckaroo to the beadwork in the Native American regalia, her work displays a passion and care in preserving the ways of the Old West. Her authenticity stems from years of working cattle in the mountains of Los Osos, California. Mentoring by Hank Peterson provided her foundation in the spade bit tradition of horse training. Simultaneously, her education in Animal Husbandry at California Polytechnic State University explains her delicate and accurate portrayal of livestock and wildlife.

Artwork to be Showcased