Jeremy Bradshaw


Jeremy Bradshaw is a fine art sculptor and internationally known author. He has been fascinated with wildlife and animals since childhood. Growing up in rural, central California he was early surrounded by the
chickens, rabbits and cows at his grandparent’s farm. Working, exploring, backpacking, and fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, his natural curiosity and interest in animals and wildlife continued to increase. Jeremy’s subsequent pursuit of falconry led him to live in many parts of the Western United States from the Oklahoma panhandle to the state of Washington, where he now resides. Over decades of observation, research and practice he has become widely recognized for his specialized expertise in falconry. His passion for hunting flocks of 10,000 starlings with a small falcon called a merlin, feeds his discerning curiosity and acute observation skills. Jeremy’s sculptures come to life because they reflect an artist’s life authentically committed to the natural world.

Artwork to be Showcased